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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Methods of Mixing Soap

Mix It Up!

Whether you are making a single loaf or large batch, it’s got to be mixed! Now you could choose to mix it by hand with a spoon, but I prefer to use a power wand or a stick blender. Depending on your personal preference and the amount of soap you are making you could use a standard kitchen stick blender. However, if you are mixing larger batches or making soap often you may want to try using a Light Commercial Power Wand. A Power Wand is strong enough for larger batches and has the durability to last up to mixing batch after batch.

Now, if you are making very large batches of soap, you may want to go with a larger Commercial Power Wand, a Mighty Mixer with Pot Whipper, or Pot Whipper attached to a contractors grade drill.

Just a few tips for mixing your soap with a “power” method…Make sure the blade is completely submersed in the oils before turning on. Turn the power on low and slowly pour in your lye water solution. Continue to mix on low until the ingredients have been thoroughly combined. Then you can alternate between high and low speeds, in short bursts, stirring with the power tool in between.

Regardless of the “power” method you choose, you will cut down your mixing time tremendously! Happy Mixing!

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