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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HSMG - Hiring a DC Advocate

A message we'd like to share from Leigh O'Donnell - HSMG President

The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild's (HSMG) is an established and functioning non-profit trade association whose mission is to promote the handcrafted soap industry; to act as a center of communication among soapmakers, and to circulate information beneficial to soapmakers.

In the past three years there have been many threatening legislative proposals. The three most recent pieces of federal legislation have been the FDA Globalization Act 2009 (HR 759), Safe Baby Act 2009 (S 925) and The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 (HR 5786 – still pending).

The HSMG Board of Directors has decided that the time has come to strengthen our policy positions and take an even more pro-active stance in advocating for the handcrafted soap industry, especially since a large portion of the industry makes soap falls under cosmetic regulations.

To this end, the HSMG Board of Directors created a Legislative Advocacy Committee and has approved an official Legislative Advocacy Statement, including a clear delineation of advocacy policy and positions. We are now in an active search for a suitable professional advocate (lobbyist) to work on our behalf in Washington.

As the HSMG is supported solely by membership dues, we have established an Advocacy Fund and are seeking donations from both members and non-members to defray the costs associated with hiring a professional advocate and related expenses. All monies donated to the Advocacy Fund will be used solely and only for advocacy related activities. It is our hope that HSMG members, non-members, companies and consumers interested in preserving the industry donate today. These funds will specifically fund the hiring of a professional advocate and related expenses. For more information and/or to make a donation, see our advocacy webpages here: http://www.soapguild.org/industry/leg-SCA2010.php

Updates and additional information will be communicated to you via the HSMG blog and eNews.

It is exciting for us to be able to take such an effective stance in the legislative arena, we are proud to be taking the voice of the handcrafted soap industry to our elected officials and government agencies.

Leigh O'Donnell
HSMG President

Monday, August 2, 2010

Five Ladies Go to Washington to Oppose The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to five special ladies for sacrificing their time and money for our industry by making a trip to Washington, DC to meet with senior staffers of the sponsors of The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010.

Leigh O'Donnell - Pesident, HSMG
Donna Maria Coles Johnson - The Indie Beauty Network
Kayla Fioravanti - Essential Wholesale
Anne-Marie Faiola - Bramble Berry
Lela Barker - Bella Lucce

An exerpt from Leigh O'Donnell...

August 2, 2010

Legislative Update

Sunday evening I flew to Washington DC to join up with Donna Maria Coles Johnson (IBN), Kayla Fioravanti (Essential Wholesale), Anne-Marie Faiola (Brambleberry) and Lela Barker (Bella Lucce). We will be meeting with senior staffers of the sponsors of The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 (H.R. 5786).

Please see my blog post about the trip for the details. I will be posting to Facebook and Twitter while in DC, if you want to follow the action.

NOTE: If you are an HSMG member in the DC area and would like to meet us for dinner tonight (August 2nd) we will be at Luigi’s, 1132 19th St. NW, at 6 PM. Come join us!

We have posted an expanded summary of the Safe Cosmetics Act on the HSMG Website, along with talking points, a sample letter and additional information to assist you in your actions to help oppose this bill.

I will do a complete blog post on the results of this trip when I return.

Kindest regards,

Leigh O'Donnell,
President, HSMG