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Monday, May 30, 2011

Methods of Cutting Soap

Making the Cut ...

The way you cut your soap generally depends on your production level and how you want your finished product to look. Of course Melt & Pour has to be cut with a blade by hand. For now though, you can either use a knife or Soap Cutter Box with a Krinkle Blade or Smooth Blade. This is also a great way to cut Cold Process soap when making it in smaller batches.

If you are making several loaves at a time, you may want to try a Loaf Cutter (probably one of my favorites). This method gives you perfect uniform bars, cutting with wire for a smooth finished product. You can even use it to cut your round loaves into perfect circles. For half-moon shapes you can first slice your round loaf in the Half-Round Slicer and then place the half loaves in the Loaf Cutter.

Of course if you are making extra large pours you may need something to cut the large blocks of soap efficiently. That’s when you get into using a Manual Soap Cutter or
Air Powered Soap Cutter. Every time I see either of these cutters in action I am still amazed! The first time I used the Air Cutter I was in awe of how precise and smooth it was. The size was intimidating at first, but amazingly easy to use. In no time at all, I had over 300 flawless bars of soap!

To see all of these Cutters (and other great products) in action, visit our Video Page.

Happy Cutting!

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