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Monday, December 20, 2010

Emergency Action Alert from the Alliance For Natural Health

Food Safety PASSES the Senate in Shocking Maneuver Sent to House for Action on 12/21 - TELL THEM NO!

Below is an important message we wanted to share with you from The Alliance for Natural Health...

"Please forward this message to everyone you know who cares about the Food Safety issue, and ask them to take action TODAY, since the bill will almost certainly be voted upon tomorrow, Tuesday 12/21.

Sunday night, in one of the most underhanded and outrageous legislative maneuvers we’ve seen, the Senate passed the language of S. 510, the Food Safety bill, by a unanimous consent agreement. It now goes to the House of Representatives. We have one last chance to stop it!

As we told you last week, Democrats first attempted to attach the food safety bill to the short-term spending measure to keep the government running, but Republicans balked because they wanted to keep that measure clean. So last night, the Senate raised it as an amendment to a completely unrelated bill from the House of Representatives—H.R. 2751, the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act! Quite a number of reports, including some from other health organizations, have gotten many of these details wrong. The swift approval by unanimous consent caught some aides and lobbyists working on it by surprise. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) had promised to block the legislation, but lifted his objection at the final moment.

Reid announced he would send the legislation—this time attached to a House-originated measure—back to the lower chamber for final approval. Please contact Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and your own Congressional representative immediately and urge that the Food Safety language be completely stripped from H.R. 2751 the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act!

We believe Pelosi would prefer to bring up Food Safety “under suspension,” which is an expedited House procedure that requires a two-thirds vote to pass. We need you to urge her in the strongest possible terms to bring it up under regular order—no more expedited deals, no more underhanded maneuvers!

Tell her that the Senate’s passage of this bill at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night doesn't give the public an opportunity to weigh in—and you don’t want the same thing to happen in the House! Tell her this issue is too vital for you and your family’s health to allow it to be considered outside of regular protocols!

Please send a message to Ms. Pelosi and your representative TODAY!"