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Friday, March 11, 2011

This article was written and copyrighted by Dennis Gaskill of www.i-webmaster.org and is reprinted here with permission.

The Basic Unit of Success
Do you know what the basic unit of success is? It's one day.

Success comes from making good use of each day. It's a cumulative process where you build today upon yesterdays efforts while having a reasonable idea of what you're trying to build.

You wouldn't grab a hammer and wood and start nailing boards together without a plan and expect to build a fine house. It's equally difficult to built an excellent life by hammering each day to the next without an idea of what you're trying to become.

Ask any successful person and they'll tell you that no single day made all the difference. Rather, it was the procession of days lived with purpose that built success one small step at a time.

Even a masterpiece such as the Mona Lisa is made up of thousands of tiny brush strokes, each one insignificant by itself. Add them together though, and the thousands of meaningless brush strokes add up to one significant work of art.

Our lives are like that. Few days are very significant in and of themselves, but each day added to another can create a life that is a work of art. Each day is part of the grand mosaic. To create the best life we can have, we must learn to treat each day as special.

Only today can contribute to the mosaic of our life. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes, it's always today. If we waste today we can never get it back, and so a piece of our masterpiece is missing. Too many missing pieces means we'll never create the masterpiece we want of our life.

As long as we have life, though, it's never too late to start.

~ Dennis Gaskill

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