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Friday, April 8, 2011

Tips on Lining Soap Molds

To Line or Not To Line...

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post…I am a product and equipment tester. I’d like to hear your thoughts on lining soap molds. Tell me what types of molds you use and whether you line or go just go with it!
I have to admit that lining soap molds is not my favorite thing to do in the soap making process, but I do it because I love the end results. My soap comes right out of my mold with little or no effort. The liner paper is easily peeled away revealing beautiful smooth soap!

Lining my soap molds used to be a very frustrating task until started planning ahead. Using a quality liner paper, I pre-cut several sheets at a time to fit my molds. Then I pre-fold them so that I can just place them in the mold. I store them for future use so they stay nice and neat - like under a large book. Then when I make soap, I just put a light coating of shortening on the inside of the mold and place the liner paper right in. I smooth it just a little with my hands and then take a plastic spatula along the bottom and sides to remove any bumps and bubbles. There you have it… A perfectly lined mold without any frustration.

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