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Friday, May 20, 2011

How You Get Your Mindset

Your mindset literally creates your life. If we believe, consciously or unconsciously, that vibrant good health is our birthright, then we are likely to have good health. If we believe that money is hard to come by and hard to keep, then that reality will manifest in our lives.

Where do we get these mindsets that cause us to think, feel and act in a certain way toward ourselves, others and our surroundings? Where do those original thoughts come from?

Our mindsets are largely unsolicited gifts from our parents, teachers, religious sources, society and other authorities. For the most part, you and I are the products of other people's habitual ways of thinking.

We can produce positive, even outstanding, results. But we can also produce limiting, unwanted, ineffective and even harmful results. Remember, we form our mindsets, and then our mindsets form us. To get different results, we have to rethink our thinking.

Consider these questions:

Who has influenced my thinking about myself, about others, about life and about success?

What beliefs, attitudes and habits of thought have they passed down to me?

What societal attitudes, religious beliefs or teachings are part of my mindset?

Are these thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and teachings enhancing my success or limiting it?

This last question is very important. How has your mindset limited or enhanced your success? What have you gained or lost as a result of it?

And even more importantly: What can you do about your old mindset--the habits, practices, attitudes, values, beliefs and expectations---that limit what you create in your life?

James Arthur Ray
James Ray International

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