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Friday, July 29, 2011

Adjustable Soap Cutter Box

 Adjustable Soap Cutter Box
Shown with Optional Smooth and Krinkle Cutter Blades

Need more control over the exact thickness of your soap bars? Now you’ve got it!

The Adjustable Soap Box, has an easy to adjust stop, allowing you to quickly cut any thicknesses from,3/8” to 1 ½” (10mm – 38 mm).

• The Soap Box can be used with our Smooth Soap Cutter or Krinkle Soap Cutter

• You can also remove the adjustable stop and use it as a standard Soap Box with, 1” and 2” (25mm & 50mm) slots.

• Just set your bar thickness, slide your loaf into the Soap Box, insert the blade and push firmly down. Just like that, your loaf is cut.

• Made of all Stainless Steel and HDPE plastic

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soap Making Videos - See Our Products In Action
See Our Products in Action!

Most of our videos were shot using amateurs. We wanted to show you how even a person who knows nothing about soap making can easily use our equipment.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Methods of Packaging Soap

So you made the soap, de molded it and cut it into beautiful bars! Now what do you do with all of it? First it needs to cure! I use stackable, vented Soap Drying Trays. They really seem to reduce the amount of my cure time. The cool thing about these trays is that you don’t have to turn your bars. The air just flows through and around. You can fit on average, a hundred bars on one tray and they are stackable! Need I say more!

Packaging your soap! Now this is the fun part! There are so many options. You have put all this work into making these beautiful bars of soap and now you get to decide the best way to package them! There are boxes and sleeves, raffia and twine, cigar bands and shrink wrap…the list goes on. I have seen some really creative packaging even using simple materials such as coffee filters and parchment paper.

Two of the packaging methods I really like are cigar bands made from Seeded Paper and Shrink Wrapping. There is this really cool seeded paper that you can your print cigar bands (or other marketing) on. Rather than your packaging getting tossed in the waste basket, it can be planted in soil to produce a gift of flowers.

I also like using a Shrink Wrap System. This is great when you have a lot of soap to package. You can wrap a whole lot of bars in a short time. I especially love using Shrink Films that allow the scent to pass through.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Soapmaking Equipment Specials

Check out our Specials Page  for hot summer deals! Save 15%-20%. These are limited time offers - So place your order today!

Triple Loaf MoldTriple Loaf Soap Mold - Great for pouring multiple loaves of Cold Process, Hot Process or M&P Soaps. 

2 Qt Stainless Pitcher2 Qt. Stainless Steel Pitcher - These are perfect for your EOs and FOs, iced tea, mixing lye for test batches, anything that can discolor or degrade plastic. 
Bucket & Pail Lid LifterBucket Lid Lifter - For those tired of busting their fingernails trying to get those lids off.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oppose H.R. 2359 - Sign the Petition

Oppose H.R. 2359: Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 - Sign the Petition.

For commentary and more indepth information on the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 visit the Essential Wholesale Blog.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Safe Cosmetics Act 2011

You can review The Safe Cosmetics Act 2011 and commentary (in green) by Kayla Fioravanti of Essential Wholesale here. You can click on additional links to see the full bill. Please take the time to read this bill. It could affect how you do business.