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Monday, October 1, 2012

Air Soap Cutter



Willow Way Professional Air Soap Cutter

This soap cutter is the Ultimate in Cold Processed Soap Cutting!

The Willow Way Air Soap Cutter™ can produce thousands of perfect bars a day by one person.
  • A full production, Custom Made soap cutter designed to your specifications, bar and batch size.
  • Cuts both Loaves and Bars with One piece of equipment.
  • You can cut hundreds of perfect bars in just minutes.
  • 2 Cutting Frames and 2 Cutting Tables included (Loaf and Bar)
Video-See Our Products in ActionView Video of Air Soap Cutter in Action   

Increase Production
Cut hundreds of bars in minutes! Thousands per day!

Save Time & Money
Less labor, Less cost per bar. Cut thousands of bars a day with one person!

Increase Profit
Less labor and time means less cost per bar-Equals More Profit!

Full Production
Cuts both Loaves and Bars with one piece of equipment.

Custom Designed
We custom make your cutting Frames and cutting tables to your specifications.

Built to Last
Linear bearings; high-speed, drill-rod guides; ball bearing gliding table; 2” (5cm) box tubing frame, precision machined mounts and fittings. Protected with a tough, baked on powder coat, enamel finish.

Extra Cutting Frames and Tables for different full size bars or hotel size bars are available.

Small Footprint
The Air Soap Cutter™ is only 32" (81cm) wide x 40" (102cm) long and is 43” (109cm) high.


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