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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mixers and Blenders for Soap

Check out all your options for mixing your soap, soap oils and candle wax HERE.

We have designed The Mighty Mixer™ to be extremely versatile and durable. It will mix your Soap, Lotions, Dry Materials, Oil blends, Body Washes and much more.

Light Commercial Power Wand
Trace, 10 to 15 pounds of soap in minutes. This is not a toy, it is a real workhorse, built to last. Perfect for Small Production Soap.

Commercial Power Wands 

Tired of that little stick blender burning out? Well here is the ultimate for blending Lotions, Liquid Soap and even CP & HP Soap. Need something that will mix 30 gallons of lotion at the oil in water phase? Here is the answer. Castile SoapMaker's...take that trace time down to 15 minutes or less.

Slow Speed Mixer Impeller BladesOil/Wax Melter (Heater) Slow Speed Mixer
Here is the Perfect Solution for continuous mixing of any solution, from watery liquids to thick creams, from ice cold milk to the hottest candle wax. If you need something special just ask.

Soap Pot Whipper
Willow Way Pot WhipperIncrease production by reducing trace time and at the same time achieve a better blend of ingredients.

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