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Friday, August 19, 2011

Soap Making Equipment Specials

On Sale at SoapEquipment.com

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These are limited time offers - So place your order today!

Drum HeaterDrum Heater
This is a must if you use any oil that is solid above room temperature and you buy in drum quantities. These are designed specifically for heating vegetable oils.

200 Watt Bucket-Pail HeaterBucket Heater
A Bucket Heater, designed and made especially for you, the HandCrafted Body Care Manufacturer, perfect for plastic or metal buckets.

One-Quart DipperOne Quart Dipper
Handy when dipping out soap batch materials for testing colors, scents and measuring out that last bit of oil into the Oil Heater, trying to figure out what the Big Dipper looks like or dipping out of the drum.

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