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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Ultimate Lip Balm Trays

Lip Balm Pouring Tray
Do you have a great formula for Lip Balm you've been filling by hand or with pipettes? Maybe you have more than one formula and would like to pour more than one at a time. Have you been making Lip Balm in trays that leak? Now is the time to try the Ultimate Lip Balm Trays.

Not only can you pour 225 balms all at once, for your most popular blends but you can pour 3 different Lip Balm tube quantities, using the same tray at the same time; choosing nearly any quantity combination of tubes that you want. As in all of our equipment, we keep 'You', the HandCrafter in mind. We understand that your business will grow. We also know this has to be done in steps that you can’t always produce large quantities, but whatever you make, you must be able to produce it efficiently, with cost and time in mind.

We have been custom making these trays for many years and have finally got them on our sites. We are adding more types all the time so just ask, if you have a special design in mind. They definitely make a difference in speed and in the final look of your product.

Machined precisely to accept a standard .15 ounce tube, no leaks, no mess.

Fits most manufacturers of .15 ounce (4.25g) tubes. 5/8”dia. x 2 5/8”H (16mm x 66mm)With more trays you can fill thousands per day. We also will make custom sized for any number of tubes.

Pour several blends at once or any number of quantity combinations. Our easy to use and set up divider, comes with your tray, for numerous combinations, ranging from a single 15 tube pour, to a pour of several blends in various multiples.

Heavy duty Stainless Steel Scraper is included.

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