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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Air Soap Cutter

The Air Cutter - Ultimate in Soap Cutting
AIr Soap Cutter and Mold
Shown with Optional Stand and Air Soap Cutter Mold

The Air Soap Cutter™ is a pneumatically driven cutter that puts a full, 600 lbs of cutting power at your fingertips.

Our ball bearing gliding table with guide pins, glides smoothly out to automatically position, your soap block. De-molding is effortless. Then a slight push re-locates your block of soap under the loaf cutting frame for the perfect cut. There is no guess work or adjustment necessary.

Within a few minutes you are ready to cut your soap loaves into the final bars. Changing frames and cutting tables is quick and easy and we supply the tool. Load up your bar table with as many loaves as you can stack on it, then just pull the lever.

Your Air Soap Cutter™ and Air Cutter™ Pro Molds™ are made according to your bar specifications.

Air Cutter™ Pro Molds are custom sized for the most efficient use of your ingredients and the least amount of waste in cutting. They work in conjunction with your Air Soap Cutter™. The bottom of your mold is your loaf cutting table.

Safe to use! Safety valve requires two hand operation to release air to cylinders.

Two Cutting Frames and Cutting Tables are supplied with the Air Soap Cutter™; a loaf cutting grid and table and a bar cutting grid and table; both custom made and designed.

A compact piece of equipment that is tough, durable, easy to use, easy to clean.

Maintenance? About every 20,000 bars, lightly grease the guide rods.

The cutting frames glide smoothly on linear bearings & high-speed, drill-rod guides.

Air controlled and powered. The smooth operation is safe, very quiet and powerful.

Cutting frames & tables are easily and quickly interchanged.

High tensile strength wire for lasting durability. Wire replacement is easy with our adjustable tension bolts. Note: With proper use, wires can last years.

Optional safety features are available.

Extra cutting frames are available for Hotel size bars, multiple bar sizes and private label customers. See below.

The Professional Air Soap Cutter™ cuts Cold Processed and Hot Processed soap with ease.

This soap cutter is Not for cutting melt and pour or glycerin soap.

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