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Friday, May 18, 2012

Make Bath Bombs More Efficiently

Trying to find a way to make Bath Bombs more efficiently and without wearing out your hands? Need to bump up your production for the holidays? Get ready to help your customers relieve their winter dry skin by getting that stock of Bath Bombs ready. We have three great options to help you...

Willow Bath Bomb Press
Make quality Bath Bombs fast and easy. Now there is a way to Consistently Produce Rock Hard, Shapely Bath Bombs easily and efficiently. Several Molds to choose from including sculpted molds.

MaxiBall Bath Bomb Maker
Press out perfect bath bomb spheres effortlessly and efficiently. Tired of using Christmas tree ornament packaging to make big bath bombs? Stop having sore hands and arms from packing the bath bomb material.Tired of waiting for days to dry or drying in an oven?

The EZ Way Bath Bomb Press- Pneumatic Bath Bomb Press is the culmination of years of experience in making Bath Bomb equipment. We invented the Bath Bomb Press and of course, the next step was the first Pneumatic Press. Our next step was a press that could utilize every mold we have.

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