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Friday, November 4, 2011

Soap Making Equipment Specials

On Sale at SoapEquipment.com

Check out Soap Making Equipment specials HERE

These are limited time offers - So place your order today!

HANDcraft Cosmetic ScaleHANDcraft™ Cosmetic Scale
The HANDcraft™ Cosmetic Scale is ideal for Cosmetics. It has a proven track record of superior accuracy, performance and durability.

Willow Weigh ScaleWillow Weigh Scale
This is great all around scale, accurate enough for your essential oils and large enough to ship a 30lb box. If you need a larger surface, just put a board on it and zero it out. Even has a remote readout if you need it.

Soap Pot WhipperWillow Way Soap Pot Whipper
Increase production by reducing trace time and at the same time achieve a better blend of ingredients.

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