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Monday, February 27, 2012

Half Moon Soap Bars......

Want a different look for your round bars? How about a Half Moon soap bar?

It's Easy…..Simply lay your round loaf in the tray then pull the Soap Loaf Slicer along the tray edges, for perfect half round loaves.

HANDcraft 3" Half-Round Slicer

Then set the sliced loaves in any one of our Soap Cutters for perfect half moon bars.

A quick and easy way to change the look of your round bars!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Handcrafted Body Care Recipes

It's time to get rid of the dull winter skin by exfoliating and increasing the circulation. Body Scrubs and Polishes are easy to make with a few ingredients already in your kitchen.

A very simple scrub is made by mixing one of your favorite oils - like olive or avocado - with some sea salt or raw sugar.

Here's a simple recipe for Oatmeal Body Scrub:
1/4 C Cornmeal
1/4 C Rolled Oats - ground fine
1/4 Almonds - ground fine
1T Oil of your choice
10 Drops Essential Oil of choice
Use a food processor or coffee grinder to grind your oats and almonds. Mix dry ingredients. Drop in the Essential Oil and mix well. Add Oil of your choice right before use. In a warm shower wet your skin and then massage scrub in a gentle circular motion.

After showering with your Scrub or Polish of choice follow up with a great moisturizer or body oil.

For more great recipes and skin care ideas check out these books as well as books about soapmaking and product labeling HERE.

Organic Body Care Recipes           Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions            Smart Lotionmaking Book

Feel free to share your simple recipes with us here - by commenting on this article or visit us on Facebook.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time is Money

Many of us go through our daily routines without placing enough thought as to what we are trying to accomplish and what our time is worth.

In our industry, many comprise the selling price of their products based mostly on the cost of goods and have not factored in the cost of their time.

What is your time worth, $2.00 an hour, $20.00 an hour?

How much time does it take to make your product from start to finish?

Keep track of your time from start to finish on your next batch of soap and then figure your time and see what it is really costing you to produce your product.

Managing your time is probably the most important part of your business and your life.

It all starts with setting goals and then developing a plan to reach those goals. Plan your time to maximize your effort toward reaching your goals.

More Product... Less Time

We don't know what your goals are, but we do know that most everyone would like to have more time to do the things they enjoy.

There are many ways to maximize your time in making your products...

Having the proper tools saves you time, money and increases your bottom line.

Enter, SoapEquipment.com...

No matter what your goals, we can help you with providing the right tools.

Using our custom designed equipment in your business will allow you to produce more quality products in less time, thus giving you more time to plan, have fun or whatever else you want to do with it, plus increase your profits!

Check out our quality line of time saving products and then give us a call and let us help you reach your goals...

Put more value on your time and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Customizing Your Soap

Are you searching for a way to change the look of your soap just a little?

Krinkle Soap Cutter 
How about trying a Krinkle Soap Cutter for a different look?

Soap Edger 
Maybe you just want to smooth out those edges.. The HANDcraft Soap Edger is fast, easy and convenient to use!  

Easy Way Soap Stamper 

Maybe you want an even more dramatic change...the Easy Way Soap Stamper allows you to customize your soap with unique designs including your business logo.

Check out these products and more to customize your soap!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Entrepreneur Tips...

I always enjoy reading Donna Maria's Indie Business Blog.  I'm sure her post today would benefit those of you out there starting a business from your home while trying to raise a family.

Seven Tips For Entrepreneurs Parenting Young Children

Check it out and be sure to share your comments!