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Monday, April 2, 2012

Check Out These Great Deals from SoapEquipment.com!

On Sale at SoapEquipment.com

MaxiBall Bath Bomb Maker  Save 10% on the MaxiBall Bath Bomb Maker
Press out perfect bath bomb spheres effortlessly and efficiently...Click HERE to read more.

HANDcraft Soap Edger  HANDcraft™ Soap Edger
The HANDcraft™ Soap Edger is the fastest Soap Edger going and it is so easy and convenient to use...Click HERE to read more.

200 Watt Bucket-Pail Heater  200 Watt Bucket Heater
A Bucket Heater, designed and made especially for you, the HandCrafted Body Care Manufacturer, perfect for plastic or metal buckets...Click HERE to read more.

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