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Monday, July 9, 2012

HANDcraft Tank Scale

The HANDcraft Tank Scale is one of the most Versatile Scales we offer...

It is 'The Scale' to use with our 13 gallon Oil/Wax Tank and 20 gallon Lye Tank.

This scale is not only accurate for weighing large formulations, but doubles as a shipping and all around scale, capable of weighing very large packages, buckets of oils, even people!
  • Perfect for a startup system. The HANDcraft Tank Scale gives you the same efficiency, convenience and accuracy as our larger system designs.
  • Let’s say you have 4 oils in your base formula. All you do is zero (tare) out your tank, add your first oil, tare out the tank, add the second and so on.
  • This scale features AnyCal, Auto Calibration Software. It is amazingly easy to check the calibration and to quickly re-calibrate within seconds. Now you can be assured of accuracy for years to come, without having to have a professional service re-calibrate.
  • Has Programmable, Auto Hold, Auto Backlight, Auto Shut Off. These are easy to turn off or on as needed.
  • Tare button / function

FREE with Purchase of Pro Silver Package
For more information check it out HERE.

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