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Friday, March 22, 2013

Body Care Products in Bloom

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner – It’s a great time to start marketing all of those great skin care products and formulas you’ve been working so hard to perfect…all those wonderful soaps, scrubs, lip balms, bath and foot fizzies, body lotions and butters…all those great things to give us smooth summer skin from head to toe. We can help you manufacture those items more quickly and efficiently.

If you are making lip balms, lotion sticks and foot balms check out our Lip Balm Trays. Pour hundreds of tubes in just minutes. The Lip Balm Trays can even be custom made to your tube size.

The Willow Bath Bomb Press™, the MaxiBall Bath Bomb Maker™ and the EZ Way Bath Bomb Press™  help you to make quality bath bombs or fizzies fast and easy. We offer a variety of mold sizes and shapes, including custom shapes and custom logos. My personal favorite...the Willow Cherry Bombs for the perfect size foot fizzies!

We also offer Oil/Wax Melters, Bottlers, Mixers, Scales and Packaging to help you in all your body care production needs. Contact us anytime for more information on making your body care production more efficient and profitable.

Friday, March 15, 2013


It's that time of year again to get our skin and feet ready for summer. To get those feet ready for summer sandals I love to soak my feet in a bath using peppermint/tea tree foot fizzies. I use the recipe below and use our Willow Bath Bomb Press™ and the Willow Cherry Bomb Mold. This mold makes the perfect size for a foot fizzie.

1/2 Cup Baking Soda
1/4 Cup Citric Acid
1 1/2 teaspoons Avocado Oil
1 1/2 teaspoons Sunflower Oil
1/2 teaspoon Peppermint Essential Oil
1/2 teaspoon Tea Tree Oil
Witch Hazel as needed

Mix oils and baking soda together very well. Mix in citric acid very well. Mixture should clump or compress together - add spritzs of Witch Hazel one at a time until mixture is ready to press into fizzies.

We would love to here about your great DIY summer skin care recipes!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Count Down to Soap Shows, Conferences and Gatherings!

It's that time of year again and everyone is gearing up and planning their Soap and Candle Shows, Conferences, and Gatherings.

We'll keep you updated...just check out our Handcrafted Body Care Industry - Calendar of Events for dates and links for more information.

If you have a Show, Conference, or Gathering you would like share with us just make a comment to this post and we'll add it to our calendar.

These events are a great way to meet new soapers, network, learn new things, and check out suppliers and equipment vendors.

Check the calendar often for updates and to find an event to attend in your area.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Central Soapers Workshop - Here we come!

Are you gearing up and getting ready to go to the Central Soapers Workshop?

SO ARE WE!!! Can't wait to see you there!

Remember if it's not too late to call or email Brandy with Pre-Orders! Great way to save on shipping! Check out SoapEquipment.com to place your order now! 
brandy@soapequipment.com or 765-886-4642!

Have you been trying to decide what to pack? Well before you pack you should read the latest post from Central Soapers and especially from Little Miss Mocha - You do not want to miss these great posts! Informative and funny!