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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pumpkins For Carving or Cooking

The farmers markets and farmers along the side of the road are selling small and large bright orange pumpkins. With a bumper crop this year they are tastier than ever. Even the food manufacturers have jumped in with their pumpkin spice cream cheese, pumpkin spice latte mix, pumpkin granola and many other pumpkin laced products…but as it is said, “There’s nothing like the real thing.”
Pumpkin is a fruit high in fiber, potassium and vitamin A, with only 30 calories per cup. The creamy texture and mild natural sweetness is very satisfying. The seeds, also known as pepitas, offer nutritional values including zinc, manganese, iron and tryptophan along with an addictively buttery flavor.
Whether you are using pumpkins for carving or cooking you can’t go wrong. It’s delightful to see pumpkins carved with funny faces and lit with candles or a bulb. The smell of pumpkin pie baking or the smell of your favorite pumpkin drink is soothing and relaxing. So enjoy pumpkin this fall season.

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